The bizhub 282 are a compact yet stylish addition to the busy office. Their comprehensive multi-tasking capabilities and versatile finishing choices make them the ideal replacement for the various stand-alone copiers, printers and fax units still found in many companies.

Technical specifications


Copying process Electrophotographic laser 
Type  Desktop 
Memory  192 MB Standard/320 MB Optional (shared with copier)
Gradation  256 
Paper Capacity Max.: 1,200 sheets 
Paper Weight 60–90 g/m2 (from trays) 60–210 g/m2 (from bypass) 
Warm-up Time Approx.24 sec.(standard config.)
First Copy Time 5.3 sec.(A4)
Copy Speed Copy/print speed A4 )  Up to 28 cpm (bizhub 282)  Copy/print speed A3 Up to 17 cpm (bizhub 282) Autoduplex speed A4 Up to 28 cpm (bizhub 282)  
Resolution  600dpi×600dpi
Multiple Copy 1–999,countdown, Interruption mode
Magnification  25–400% in 0.1% steps, Autozooming
Power Consumption 220-240 V / 50/60Hz, Less than 1.47 KW (system) 
Dimensions (W×D×H) 677 x 710 x 718
Weight Approx.74 kg