Thinking ahead pays off. Especially when choosing the right office device, like a copier-printer that can also increase your office productivity and effectiveness by improving workflow. With the bizhub 162 and bizhub 210, Konica Minolta responds to your ever-changing business needs with high-quality devices that also provide simplified document storage and economical document distribution. Whichever one you choose, both models feature the latest digital imaging technology based on Konica Minolta’s many years of laser imaging experience. With a resolution of up to 1,200 x 600 dpi, the bizhub 162 and bizhub 210 produces crisp monochrome texts, charts and images.

Technical specifications


Type  Desktop 
Resolution  600dpi ✕ Sub: 600dpi
Memory  PCL memory 16 MB std.,144 MB max.
Warm-Up Time Less than 30 sec
First Copy Time less than 7 sec. (A4 crosswise from glass,11 sec.via ADF)
Paper Weight 60–160 g/m2
Multiple Copy Up to 99 sheets
Power Requirements 1,050 W (bizhub 162) 1,250 W (bizhub 210)
Dimensions [W] ✕ [D] ✕ [H]  599 x 620 x 487 
Weight  Approx.38 kg