When the new colleague starts his job, the boss hopes he will be a fast and efficient productive worker. The other employees hope he will be easy to get along with. Everyone hopes he will be reliable.
The bizhub C450 is the new colleague who will please everyone. Quality work, quick production, convenient to operate and extremely reliable.
It’s the multifunctional communications centre of your office that keeps you in touch with near and far. It not only copies, prints, scans and faxes, but is also designed to simplify access and transmission of information. It broadens effectiveness and workflow and addresses many of your most important business needs – in full colour and black-and-white.
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Technical specifications


Type  Desktop 
Resolution  600 x 600 dpi
Memory  1024 MB/ hard disk 40 GB
Warm-Up Time Less than 99 sec,(timer function)
First copy Time Colour 8.5 sec.(A4) 
Mono 5.5 sec.(A4)
Paper Weight 64–256 g/m2 (from all paper trays)
Multiple Copy 1–999,interruption mode
PRINT/COPY SPEED Colour up to 35 cpm 
Mono up to 45 cpm
Power Requirements 220-240 V / 50 Hz 1.5 KW or less
Dimensions [W] ✕ [D] ✕ [H]  706 x 765 x 908
Weight  Approx.125 kg