A convincing performance is the key to true
multifunctionality, such as scanning while printing,
and high productivity. Providing both, the
bizhub C452/C552/C652 and bizhub C652DS
boast an array of high-performance features: Their
1 GHz CPU ensures an amazing processing speed
and guarantees impressive computing power.
With 2 GB of DDR2 memory and a 250 GB S-ATA2
HDD they are generously equipped with innovative,
high-speed memory and a sizable, ultra-fast hard
disk. In addition, their PCI Express represents
latest PCI bus technology for extra speed enhancement
and further improved performance.

Technical specifications


Type  Desktop 
Resolution  600 x 600 dpi
Memory  2,048 MB HDD 250 GB
Warm-Up Time Approx. 45 sec.
First copy Time 4.3/6.0 sec.
Paper Weight 64–300 gsm
Multiple Copy 1–9.999,interruption mode
PRINT/COPY SPEED Up to 55/45 cpm
Power Requirements 220-240 V / 50/60Hz Less than 2.0 KW (bizhub C452/C552) Less than 2.1 KW (bizhub C652/DS)
Dimensions [W] ✕ [D] ✕ [H]  650 x 879 x 1155
Weight  Approx. 221 kg